Listening in a Post-Brexit (Post-Election) World.

"Scoundrel Time" is a new journal founded in wake of Trump's election.

In the words of editor Paula Whyman: "Today there are forces trying their hardest to divide us. In the face of that, art in its many forms can give voice to our concerns, hopes, fears, anxieties—and joys."

I was pleased to be asked to submit a piece about my experience as an American in the UK, post-Brexit, post-Trump

Photo credit: Paul Edwards
Do check out the journal, too!

Alice Hoffman Is Most 'Faithful' to Writing

It was a thrill to speak  earlier this week to Alice Hoffman, whose new novel, Faithful, comes out today. Here is my favorite quote from my Washington Post interview with her:

How do you complete a book almost every year?

I work really hard at it, and that’s really the only answer. I do it a lot. I sacrifice things, and sometimes I’m sorry I sacrificed those things. That’s just the way it is. And I have a lot of stories. And not time to tell them all.

And so you feel compelled to write as many as you can?
I think every artist feels compelled to do their art when really they should be walking on a beach on a sunny day. If you’re not compelled to do it, I don’t think you wind up doing it.